Beavercreek Police Levy on the May 6 Election Ballot

May 6th is a very important date for City of Beavercreek voters. On that day residents will be asked to approve a five year 4.5 mill police levy which is a renewal of the existing 3.7 mill three year levy and an additional eight tenths  of a mill to support police services in our City.

Why is this Police levy necessary?
This levy is necessary to ensure “Safety and Stability for Your Future.” Beavercreek’s Police rely on this funding to provide the services you have come to know and expect from your community and the Police Department.

How much of the budget does this levy represent for the Police Department?
The current levy provides 59 percent of the total revenue for the police fund.

Why is a Police levy increase necessary?
After passage of the Police levy in 2011, the State of Ohio reduced our share of local government revenue to the Police Department by $567,000. An additional $460,000 is anticipated to be lost over the next five years due to the acceleration of the phase out of state revenue. The additional eight tenths (.8) of a mill would offset the loss of state revenue; ensure authorized staffing level of police officers at forty-eight  for the next five (5) years to meet population and service demand increases; and cover the inflationary cost of police services for the next five years.

Why is the Police levy for five years instead of three years?
For the city resident it provides certainty regarding police services cost for the next five years instead of the current three year levy cycle. It also preserves for five years the 12.5% rollback property tax credit from the state on the existing renewal portion of the levy. For the police department it means added operational and financial stability. This would also allow for longer term organizational planning and the addressing of capital needs, such as the vehicle and equipment replacement rotations, over five years instead of the current three year cycle.

How much more will I have to pay?
Based on a property of $100,000 valuation, the current cost is $113.31 annually. The annual cost with the additional millage would be $141.31. The difference is $28 annually; $2.33 monthly or 8 cents a day.

What are the consequences of not approving the Police levy?
Without the revenue this levy generates, Beavercreek would experience a significant reduction in staffing and services which could result in longer response times and less police visibility. Also impacted would be proactive policing measures such as school visits; selective traffic enforcement and crime deterrent efforts; programs such as Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) and the School Resource Officer; participation in the County-wide ACE Drug Task Force and the Regional Emergency Response Team (RERT); Crime Prevention; and maintaining Accreditation, all of which would be greatly reduced or eliminated if the levy was not approved.

What does it mean to have an accredited police agency?
In 2013, the Beavercreek Police Department was one of only five law enforcement agencies throughout Ohio and one of only forty-three throughout the United States to receive “Accreditation with Excellence” during their re-accreditation process. Being accredited means your agency is utilizing the best law enforcement practices to meet and adhere to professional standards in police work which are recognized throughout the country. Currently, the Beavercreek Police Department is one of only thirty-three municipalities in Ohio to maintain CALEA Accreditation.

Are there any facts that voters should know about our Police Department?
In a 2013 city-wide survey, the Police Department received a 90.5 percent positive assessment from survey respondents. The Police Department is committed to work in partnership with the community to continue providing outstanding service to our residents.