2012 Thoroughfare Plan

The City of Beavercreek Planning and Zoning Department has been working together with the Engineering Department and the Beavercreek Bikeway Advisory Committee over the past year to update the existing thoroughfare plan and to incorporate bike and pedestrian facilities into that plan. The plan was approved at the November 26, 2012 City Council meeting.

Plan Sections

Table of Contents


Existing Conditions – Roadways and Non-Motorized Facilities

Future Needs – Roadways

Future Needs – Non-Motorized Facilities

Typical Sections

Appendix A – Overview

Appendix A – Corridors 1 thru 10

Appendix A – Corridors 11 thru 20

Appendix A – Corridors 21 thru 30

Appendix A – Corridors 31 thru 40

Appendix A – Corridors 41 thru 50

(no corridor 51)

Appendix A – Corridors 52 thru 56

Appendix B – Neighborhood Connectors Signage Plan

Appendix C – Special Projects

Large Maps

Non-Motorized Facilities Existing and Proposed

Functional Classification and Future Roadway Connectors