1. Alarm User Permit (PDF)

    Fill out the application to be an alarm user.

  2. Boards & Commissions

    The City Council is assisted and advised by several standing citizen boards and commissions.

  3. Building Permits & Inspections

    The Department of Building Regulation provides residential and commercial permit / inspection services for all use groups throughout the county.

  4. Citizen Police Academy

    The purpose of this program is to build a better understanding between citizens and the Police through education and cooperation.

  5. Citizens on Preventive Patrol (COPP)

    Citizens On Preventive Patrol (COPP) is a volunteer group of private citizens who assists officers of the Beavercreek Police Department.

  6. Job Openings

    Human Resources stands committed to assist the City Manager and the City Council in providing the citizens of Beavercreek a diverse, competent, trained, and professional workforce.

  7. Planning & Zoning Permits

    Find out what kind of permit is necessary to move forward with building plans.

  8. Solicitor's Permit (PDF)

    Submit the application to become a legal solicitor in the city.