Municipal Facts

State: Ohio
County / Township: Greene / Beavercreek
Population: 45,193 (2010 Census)
Area / Incorporated: 27.5 Sq. Miles / 2007
Form Of Government: Home Rule Charter (1981)
City Council – Manager Form
Elected Officials: Seven Member City Council, including Mayor
Assessed Value of Real Estate (35%): $1,355,098,439 (2010)
Municipal Budget / City Employees: $25.9 Million (2010) / 146.5 Full-Time Equivalents
Bond Rating: Aa-2 (Moodys) 2010
Income Tax Rate: 0%
Official City Flower: Stella d’oro daylily
Municipal Services: General Government

Administration and Finance

Information and Media Service

Planning and Development



Public Services

Parks, Recreation and Culture

Senior Services

Golf Course