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Vision Statement
Advance Beavercreek as a friendly neighborhood community where bicycling and non-motorized travel are encouraged, and where bikeways, multi-use paths, and other facilities are provided to enhance the year-round safety, convenience, enjoyment, and health of all citizens. (Adopted January 8, 2004.)

Beavercreek Bikeway Advisory Committee
On April 10, 2000, the City of Beavercreek passed Ordinance No. 00-11 formally establishing the Bikeway Advisory Committee.  Chapter 33 of the Administrative Code was amended to read: “A Bikeway Advisory Committee is hereby created to serve as an official commission of this City under Article IX of the Charter.”  The duties and functions of this Bikeway Advisory Committee shall be as described in Exhibit A attached thereto and made a part hereof.

To facilitate non-motorized travel within the City by advocating the proper planning and implementation of non-motorized improvements.

Membership, Appointment
The Bikeway Advisory Committee shall consist of five members appointed by the Council for overlapping terms of three years. Members of the first committee shall be appointed for terms of one, two and three years respectively. Thereafter, all members shall be appointed for the full three-year term. Appointment and removal of members shall be made in the manner provided by Chapter 33. Membership shall represent a wide cross-section of interests and background, including bicycling, walking, skating, and disabled mobility.

The Bikeway Advisory Committee shall elect its own officers annually and shall adopt rules necessary for the conduct of its affairs in keeping with the provisions of this ordinance.  Meetings shall be held at the call of the chairperson and at such other times as the Planning Commission may determine.  All meetings shall be open to the public.  The Bikeway Advisory Committee shall keep minutes of its proceedings which shall be a public record.  A majority of the Committee shall constitute a quorum for conducting business.  The Committee shall be staffed by a member of the Planning Department, or other department as determined by the City Manager.


All meetings of the Beavercreek Bikeways Advisory Committee (BBAC) are public and all citizens are invited to attend. Meetings are held monthly in City Hall’s council chambers.  The usual meeting time is the second Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. We suggest you call the chairperson to confirm the exact date and time.  The Committee always welcomes visitors and is always very attentive to their suggestions and input.   All visitors are invited to speak if they wish to do so.  Minutes of all meetings are published and distributed by electronic means, usually within two weeks after the meeting.  If you would like to receive an an electronic copy of the minutes, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     What is the Creekside Trail?
The Creekside Trail is part of the Miami Valley Trail network.  The trail runs from Xenia Station in Xenia to the Eastwood Metro Park in Dayton.   In Greene County, it is called the Creekside Trail, in Montgomery County it is called the Creekside Recreational Trail.  This segment is 17.2 miles long and runs East / West along Rt. 35 for most of its length.  It is maintained by Greene County and Montgomery County.  The entire length of the trail is paved with very little grade.   The trail follows railroad right of ways that were converted to trails.  A description of the trail can be found at:  Creekside Trail Description

2.     How can I get to the Creekside Trail?
In Beavercreek, there are several places to park along the trail.   You can look at the following link to find the official parking areas for the Creekside Trail.  You can also use this map to find walking or bike access to the trail.  The “P” symbols designate parking, the “Bike” symbol designates walking or bike access.   The trail can also be access at all crossroads.  Please use the attached link to see the Creekside Trail Map through Beavercreek:  Creekside Trail Google Map

3.     How can I tell someone about maintenance needs on the Creekside Trail?
You can send email to Creekside Trail Maintenance with specific maintenance information.   The information will be sent to the proper authorities.  Please be as specific as you can about where the issue is and what needs to be done.

4.     Where can I get updates about new bike trails in the areas?
The Miami Valley Rails Trails organization has the most up-to-date information about the trail network and plans.  You can access their web site at this link: Miami Valley Trails

5.     What are the Beavercreek on-road marked routes?
Beavercreek has a long term plan to mark routes that have fairly low volumes of vehicle traffic and having fairly good visibility to vehicle drivers for bikers and pedestrians using the routes  for bicyclists to use to get around in Beavercreek.   There are two routes that are marked, with others planned.    The currently marked routes are on the maps at the attached link:  Beavercreek Marked Routes Google Map

6.     How can I get updates on marked routes in Beavercreek?
The Beavercreek Bikeway Master Plan is available for review on the Beavercreek Advisory Committee web page.   Please see the links at the top of this page.

7.     How can I find organized rides in the area?
The Beavercreek Advisory Committee does not organize rides.   There are several organizations in the area that sponsor group rides.   One of the most comprehensive list of organized rides can be found on the Dayton Cycling Club web page.   Please go to this link for that information: Dayton Cycling Club Web Page

8.     Who do I call in case of emergencies on Creekside Trail
Assuming you have a mobile phone (there are no pay / fixed phones on Creekside Trail) you should call 9-1-1 and report your position as accurately as possible.  Please use the nearest street crossing and approximately how far from the street you are.

9.     Is there water available on Creekside Trail?
There are water fountains at the Fifth / Third Gazebo, and at the Factory Road parking facility.  Be aware that these fountains are turned off in late fall through early spring.

10.   Where do I find more information on laws governing use of bicycles on roadways?
Sources of information are the Ohio State DOT Web Site, the Ohio Bicycle Federation Web Site web site and the Beavercreek Ordinances Web Site.

11.   How do I register my bicycle in case it is stolen?
You can register you bicycle with the City of Dayton on their Police Bicycle Registration Web Site.

12.   Which public facilities have bike racks
The following locations have bicycle racks available to the public:

13.   How can I make recommendations on trail projects, routes, and signs?
You can send an email to Bikeway Advisory Committee: Suggested Routes/Projects/Signs with any suggestions you may have to improve the trails or signage concerning the trails.

14.   How can I get involved with the Beavercreek Bikeway Advisory Committee or biking organizations in and around Beavercreek?
The Beavercreek Bikeway Advisory Committee meets monthly on the second Thursday of the month.   You are invited to attend any of those meetings and provide input at that time.   Please check the calendar on this page before attending to make sure there have been no last minute scheduling changes.   Other biking organizations in the area include:

15.   How can I find more information about the I-675 bike / pedestrian bridge?
The schedule and tasks required for the I-675 bridge project can be found at the top of this page.   More details about the project can be found at:  I-675 Bridge Information

16. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email the Beavercreek Bikeway Advisory Committee at

Board Members

Roger Brislawn
2413 Pine Knott Drive
Beavercreek, OH 45431
426-3253 E-mail
Term:  3-1-12 to 2-28-15
Andrew Harp
2908 Rhett Dr.
Beavercreek, OH 45434
Term:  3-1-12 to 2-28-15
Jerome J. Walling - Chair
2818 Southfield Road
Beavercreek, OH 45434
426-9448 E-mail
Term:  3-1-13 to 2-29-16
Ralph Speelman
1810 Stonewood Drive
Beavercreek 45432
429-0885 Email
Term:  3-1-13 to 2-29-16
Pat Barton
2109 Wedgewood Drive
Beavercreek 45434
429-0828 E-mail
Term:  3-1-14 to 2-28-17