The City of Beavercreek manages and maintains seven cemeteries within the City limits, three of which are active, meaning selling lots and having burials, and four that are inactive which are closed to any new burials.

All of the cemeteries continue to be maintained at a high standard, based on local and state regulations. Lots and graves are available for sale, for further information call 937-427-5549or 937-427-5514. Email requests for further information can go to Cemetery Inquiry . The Cemetery office located at 850 Alpha Road, Alpha, Ohio 45301

For more information on each individual cemetery, click the links below, for history synopsis, Photos, Street addresses for GPS location, as well as an external link to look up individuals buried in each cemetery.


Aley Cemetery

Hawker Cemetery

Mount Zion Park Cemetery


Coy Cemetery

Reese-Petro Cemetery

Sunnyside Cemetery

George Zimmerman Cemetery

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