Finance Department


Beavercreek City Hall
1368 Research Park Drive
Beavercreek, OH 45432

How to Contact Us
Phone: (937) 427-5511
Fax: (937) 427-5544
Hours of Service
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Bill Kucera
Finance and Administrative Services Director
Theresa Hathaway
Fiscal Officer
Chris Bucheit
Finance Specialist

Lori Green
Accounts Clerk

The Finance Department performs financial transactions of the City and maintains the records for tracking the transactions involved in the receipt and disbursement of funds. The reporting of financial transactions is performed in accordance with generally acceptable standards for local government accounting and State of Ohio regulations. The Department processes purchase orders prepared by other City departments, remits payments to vendors, processes employee payroll, administers fringe benefits, invests and maintains City funds at financial institutions, arranges for long- and short-term financing, administers insurance coverage, and performs a variety of other management support functions.

2014 Municipal Budget (PDF)

2014 Appropriations

Residential Property Taxes 2013 (PDF)

Local Government Costs 2013 (PDF)

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 2012

General Fund 4th Quarter 2013 *

Recreation Fund 4th Quarter 2013 *

Golf Course Fund 4th Quarter 2013 *

Street Maintenance Fund 4th Quarter 2013 *

Street Levy Fund 4th Quarter 2013 *

Police Operating Fund 4th Quarter 2013 *

State Highway Fund 4th Quarter 2013 *

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* Statements are presented on a cash-basis